Concrete Path in Lyke Residence Natural Sense Rustic Stone Wall Dark Metallic Fence

Contemporary Home Style For The Lyke Residence Design

2Scale Architects Studio is the one that designed contemporary home style. This lovely contemporary living space is called the Lyke Residence and it is situated in a beautiful residential area of Houston, Texas. You will find unique combination between classic American home design creation and modern style decoration in this house. Take a look at the facade of this awesome living space design. It looks like a customary American crib, […]

Glossy Dark Outdoor Wall and Wood Wall Pretty Ornamental Plants in Large Flower Bed

Wooden House Ideas With Simple Patio Design

Elliott + Elliott Architecture are the designer of beautiful wooden house ideas called the House on a Cove. This stunning wooden residence design is located in the beautiful spot of Rangeley Lake in Maine. Well, although this nice living space design categorized as a wooden home, wooden is not the only material that involve in the home structure of this beautiful home design. There are also aluminum material, glass and […]

Compact TV above Minimalist Sideboard Facing Sectional Sofa and Metallic Coffee Table in Family Room

Contemporary Condo Plans With Amazing Interior Design

False Creek Condo is one ofcontemporary condo planswhichshow such an amazing space decoration. This superb apartment design is created by Jamie Deck of After Design and it is located in Vancouver, Canada. One thing for sure is that this superb condominium design has a bright space. The brightness is contributed by the domination of white color in most of this amazing modern style living room design and an excessive glass […]

Huge Bathroom Dominated by Wood Accent Cool Bathtub and Bathroom Vanity Made of Wood Classic Lighting

Farmhouse Design Concept With Rustic Architectural Design

Tuscan Estate is a beautiful farmhouse design concept┬áthat located in beautiful area of Big Sure, California. This superb rustic style home design is designed by Mickey Muenning and it is exactly located in the area that will able to give this such spectacular scenery of Pacific Ocean. The rustic architectural design that applied in this nice house design involves wooden and stone material as the main materials for the home […]

Interior of Mjolk House Studio Junction Enlightened by Hidden Light and Pendant Lights above Stylish Workspace with Wood Accent (1)

Wooden Dining Chairs in Stunning Minimalist Residence

The Mjolk House is a highly minimalist residence that exposing such an outstanding interior design with wooden dining chairs. This lovely simple home design is created by Studio Junction and it is located in the beautiful residential area of Toronto, Canada. There are few parts of this superb living space design that will able to make you amaze with its simplicity and one of those spaces is the living room. […]

Beautified by Scenic Wall Arts in Hall with Gorgeous Rug and Modern Ceiling Lights

Colored Coffee Table for Outstanding Contemporary Residence Design

Rusk Renovations is a contractor behind the beauty of this contemporary residence with colored coffee table in a high class area of New York. The design of this lovely living space design is created by using gallery theme. It means that you will find so many spaces in this lovely modern style interior setting that looks like exposing the design take a look at the dining room area. This is […]

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